Blog: 3 Steps to Simplify your Licence Management Process

Blog: 3 Steps To Simplify Your Licence Management Process

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Export Authorisation


Ensure that all employees know, comply with, and manage the rules and regulations associated with trade compliance, with a structured and comprehensive trade compliance process. Our software solutions can guide you, step-by-step, through the export authorisation process – applicable across the globe.

Here are three solutions that could help you in ensuring full compliance, while also streamlining your internal procedures:


The first step for any trader seeking a licence is to create a compliance request. Using our compliance request solution, businesses gain the ability to assess any potential compliance concerns in terms of licence determinations, based on a controlled classification (or potential denied party screening!).

  • Create export authorisation request
  • Internal review workflows
  • Flow request data into applications
  • Report on request-timing metrics

Further, a compliance request also allows businesses to fill in contextual information that can lead to a potential licence application, where EASE can automate the data captured and directly create applications.

This request form allows for an easy implementation of standardised workflow procedures, while also ensuring that relevant transaction details are recorded in a centralised system.




The licencing module allows traders to address all their licensing requirements. Using the module, traders can initiate different types of licence applications, such as: licences, general authorisations, general correspondence, amendments, agreements, and commodity jurisdictions; all of which are tailored to country specific requirements.

The functionality provides a standardised workflow for application preparation and internal review, manages submissions to government agencies, as well as tracks the progress of a submission until the authorisation is received.

  • Initiate application from requests
  • Validate application details
  • Submit directly to Govt. Portals*
  • Track Agency Status




Our Authorisation Management solution provides the tools for traders to monitor all licence authorisation activity in one place. This solution can accommodate internal authorisations as well as government-issued licences and agreements. The solution allows corporations to effectively monitor activity related to any authorisation type, and other documents relevant to international trade. Develop internal control procedures around tools that collectively track acknowledgement from business stakeholders on all Govt. imposed provisos and company policy.

Using Authorisation Management, traders could generate advanced audit reports and ensure full compliance.

  • Store Govt. issued licence copies
  • Internal control plans/acknowledgements
  • Record activity and licence balance
  • Generate Govt. reports



Contact us to find out how we can help you take control of your authorisation lifecycle.


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