Shipping & Logistics

ERP Order Automation Integration

OCR provides real-time and batch methodologies to integrate with ERP systems like SAP, Oracle E-Business Suite. This helps users streamline their business processes with seamless integration with OCR’s Denied Party Screening and Export License Determination features.

Integrated License Screening

Accelerate the process of determining export license or permit requirements from numerous points of origin to destinations across the globe.

Integrated Denied Party Screening

Acquire seamless real-time integration with Oracle, SAP, and other ERP, CRM, Supply Chain Management, or other enterprise systems.

Export Customs Filing & Documentation

Manage customs filing requirements based on value thresholds, end use checks, destination countries for shipments subject to Export Authorizations for Dual Use and Military Goods.

Carrier Integration

Integrate directly with Freight Forwarder & Broker systems to transmit and receive electronic Import Declaration audit information for various countries in your supply chain.

Small Parcel Shipping

Connect with broker and supplier ERP systems to record and retain all data at a central location.