Finance & HR

Denied Party and Sanction Screening

Search the most comprehensive set of worldwide lists from government and non-government sources including OFAC, AML, PEP, medical & Pharmaceutical exclusions, law enforcement, and much more.

ERP Order Automation Integration

OCR provides real-time and batch methodologies to integrate with ERP systems like SAP and Oracle E-Business Suite. This helps users streamline their business processes with seamless integration, using OCR’s Denied Party Screening and Export License Determination features.

Salesforce and CRM Integration

Our Integrated Solution enables your business to stay compliant by screening who you do business with across global denied party and entity lists from both government and non-government sources.

Export License Control Screening

The License Screening tool helps traders screen their export activities and identify any licensing requirements, export restrictions, and reporting and recordkeeping requirements. It also provides visibility into any license exceptions/exemptions that may be available when the trade is associated with a specific purpose (e.g. a product being shipped temporarily for an exhibition, or after/for repair/replacement, etc.)