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OCR’s History

For 35 years OCR has anticipated the rapid expansion and changes in global trade compliance regulation and process. Today, we continue to innovate and streamline the export and import process, so that our clients can focus on what’s really important – the growth of their core business and their bottom-lines.


We are a trusted partner to a roster of Fortune 500 companies in industries ranging from aerospace to finance. That’s just one reason why OCR is adept, experienced and possesses timely and in-depth knowledge of Global Trade Management and insight into compliance needs that are critical for a successful business.

President's Message

Dear Clients and Friends,


For more than 30 years, OCR Services Inc. has taken pride in anticipating the rapid changes in Global Trade Compliance. Today, we continue to innovate and streamline the process, so that your focus can remain on profit and growth. We are expanding our consulting services to help you maneuver in the increasingly complex regulatory environment. New and up-to-the-minute seminars deliver knowledge you can use to function at the highest professional level.


All of our services and solutions are easily accessible here on our exciting new website. As President and CEO, I hope you’ll look into our initiatives and talk to us about strategies for overcoming your latest compliance challenges. At OCR, we’re privileged to work with a roster of sophisticated clients, including Fortune 500 leaders in industries from aerospace to finance. As a result, we’re current and well versed in the details of compliance that are critical to you and your business.


Proactivity is our dictum: Invest your resources in planning for success rather than reacting to problems. That’s the competitive approach our clients take, and I hope you’ll join them. Compliance may be your responsibility, but we’ll gladly take on the job of streamlining the process for you.


Warm regards,
Raj K. Boveja

Ocr Overview

Meet the Team

Raj Boveja
CEO & President
Rakesh Allahabadi
COO & General Counsel
Thomas Mathew
Senior Vice President, Sales
Vijay Rathi
Abhishek Kishore
Managing Director, Global EASE International
Karen Alleyne
Director, Global Marketing
Naina Boveja
Director, Strategic Planning

Our Global Presence

OCR has a team of compliance experts in North America, the UK, the Middle East, Africa, and the Asia Pacific who are committed to building long-term relationships with our clients. Click the map below to contact the regions.