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Benefits Of Duty Drawbacks

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Benefits of Duty Drawbacks

Understanding what duty drawbacks are, their benefits, and how to claim them is key to maximizing your import/export savings.

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In recent years, the Middle East and Africa regions have been typified by conflicts of various types. The ongoing conflicts in Iraq, Syria, Somalia, and Yemen have had a major impact on traders of all sizes. These conflicts have threatened to derail the daily lives of millions of people. The long-standing tensions have resulted in a spike in external threats for exporters and importers active in the region.


These components make it extremely important for all traders to be fully aware of their customers so that they are not embroiled in any security or compliance breaches. Traders in the region must also remain fully updated about sanctioned party lists and potentially risky transactions that could lead to greater ramifications for their business. Therefore, traders in the Middle East and Africa region often avail the help of security and identity management solution providers.

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Enabling Best Practices in Land management

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With over 35 years’ experience, we know first-hand that managing land resources and land rights is a complex task. To help organizations better organize these critical assets, we have developed a feature-rich suite of web-based solutions specifically designed to automate your processes.


Our land Governance solutions have been designed to take the guesswork out of land ownership and help to improve income security

allowing many, often for the first time, to apply for credit against the value of their property and to invest in new business.


Easy to use and configure, our fully automated land administration software has the flexibility you need to handle the registration of real estate and property-based transactions, secure paper records and streamline the registry processes.

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