License Management

Manage Licenses with Ease

Managing an authorization, be it a license, agreement, exemption or exception, national or open general license is not easy. It’s not just ensuring that the exports not exceed the authorized quantity or value. But a company’s executives have to make sure that all provisos and conditions of the export authorization are strictly followed, including filing periodic reports with the licensing authority when required. Mismanagement of authorizations manually processed may lead to amplified labor costs, lengthier fulfillment cycles, shipment delays, upset customers, and exposure to regulatory penalties and even jail time. OCR’s License Management allows corporations to automatically monitor any authorization, and all documents relevant to international trade.


Management Reports

Exception and Exemption reports generated by selecting the type required and text will auto-populate from available data.


Get Audit Ready

Store all import and export authorizations with corresponding internal approvals, applications and correspondence.


Extensive Management Tools

View all your license and agreement status details and pending actions in an easy to read and configurable dashboard.


Manage Authorizations Easily

Track fulfilment of licenses in value and duration against documentation of actual shipments and it also provides required government reporting as well as license and agreement review capabilities.


Automate all Transactions

Automate the decrementing, tracking, and managing of authorized transactions.


Search Efficiently

Search quickly and extensively for existing and closed authorizations for reference in new requests.

Management Tracking

License provisos, RWA/Denial Reasons, Government reporting requirements, Agreement actions, Sub – Licensee, Foreign Person/ Dual Persons NDA requirements, Congressional Notifications and Other Transactions.

License Close-Out

Our software offers a powerful yet easy-to-use platform which allows organizations to accurately manage software licenses. Identify License status, and identify if it is Superseded or Replaced, Terminated by Owner.

Agreement Management

Once an Agreement submitted from OCR’s Department of State (DOS) Licensing module is approved by the U.S. Government (USG), its status is “Pending Execution”. OCR License Management provides the tools to complete the necessary steps to execute the agreement in accordance with the USG provisos then monitor and manage the activity including creating licenses in furtherance of the agreement when needed.

A Scalable Solution for Your Organization

EASE Enterprise Suite provides software solutions to multiple departments in your organization.

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