Corporate, Legal & Compliance

Denied Party and Sanction Screening

Search the most comprehensive set of worldwide lists from government and non-government sources including OFAC, AML, PEP, Medical & Pharmaceutical exclusions, law enforcement, and much more.

Export Control and HTS Classification

Analyze and validate customs tariffs and export control classifications according to specific customs tariffs and export control commodity lists.

License Request Workflow

Manage and track transaction-specific export licenses, agreements, exceptions, and exemptions.

DOC/DOCS License Applications

Electronically sign and submit license applications directly to government agencies.

Global License and Permit Applications

Access a centralized electronic repository for all global license applications and supporting documentation.

Authorization Lifecycle Management

Effectively monitor activity related to any authorization type, as well as other documents relevant to international trade.

Export License Control Screening

Automate screening for denied parties and export license requirements.

Technical Data Transfer Management

Assist with end-to-end export workflow of technical data/technology (tech data) and defense services.

Export and Customs Management

Leverage transaction data for customs filing in ACE including connectivity to global customs agencies.

Enterprise Visitor Management

Combines VM features with Watch List screening including GSA SAM federal exclusions list and automated compliance documentation.

Incident Tracking and Disclosure

Enable corporations to implement a uniform and consistent corporate wide policy, and internal review process, to evaluate all incident reports, audit findings, identify corrective actions, and when necessary prepare voluntary disclosures for the government.