Compliance Request

Make Trade Compliance Everyone’s Responsibility

Ensure that all employees know, comply with, and manage the rules and regulations associated with trade compliance, with a structured and comprehensive trade compliance process. Safeguard your company and avoid any civil or criminal penalties by making certain that your company meets all legal obligations with customs and other government agencies. OCR’s Compliance Request™ helps prevent infractions by providing uniform and efficient workflows for authorizing employee request for trade transactions from the import and export of hardware, technology and services to foreign travel and certification of foreign vendors. Additionally, businesses will be able to determine whether a functional request has compliance concerns and allows managers to approve such requests after an exchange of information with the stakeholders.


Request Export Vendor Review

Request export vendor review and corporate certifications for suppliers and vendors of specific technologies, programs, or product families.


Easy-to-Use Web Based Workflow

Employees access the forms via a trade compliance defined portal page with minimal repetitive data entry with real-time collaboration between business and trade staff including Empowered Officials.


Management Reporting

Audit trails provide complete information over the life cycle of a compliance request and powerful management reports and dashboards provide confidence in meeting internal metrics.


Secure Communications

Secure access protocols and user authentication to Active Directory using LDAP, SAML 2.0 and Single Sign-On (SSO) tools.


Integration with 3rd Party Systems

Open standards, Java-based application with seamless real-time integration.


Configure Custom Forms

Configure custom forms and questionnaires for unique business requests.

Import and Export Requests

Configurable web forms support request for export, import and re-export, sales and contracts, bids and proposals and hiring of foreign nationals with bi-directional communication between future license or agreement owner and compliance staff avoids duplicate data entry and clerical errors.

State Department Agreement Requests

Triggers a requirement to generate a request for DOS agreements with one or more foreign licensees and sub-licensees and streamlines request information to flow directly into the agreement applications for electronic submission to DTrade via OCR’s DOS Licensing™ module.

Foreign Travel Requests

Limit liability by addressing concerns before travel plans are approved. Users can specify dates, nature of visits, and whether technical data exports, services, hardware or equipment transfers are involved.

A Scalable Solution for Your Organization

EASE Enterprise Suite provides software solutions to multiple departments in your organization.

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