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How Sanctions Affect Global Trade

The use of international sanctions as a political instrument go as far back as the Megarian decree in ancient Athens, which limited trade to neighboring Megara in 432 BC. Like this ancient example, modern nations also leverage the economy as a tool in foreign policy through the use of sanctions.

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OCR Visitor Management Enhances Trade Compliance Programs

Do your controlled export operations feel wrapped in red tape and hopelessly non-compliant? Is your organization struggling to find the balance efficiency with the resource-consuming demands of meticulous record-keeping, screening, and security processes? Is your company losing business due to a perceived lack of trade compliance? Are you risking compliance violations because you don’t have an auditable trail of who has access to what and when? 

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8 Tips For Ensuring Global Trade Compliance

Global Supply Chain Disruption: How to Mitigate Risks

Headlines like ‘global supply chain disruption’ continue to infiltrate the news. 

Finding the balance between supply and demand has always been logistically challenging for startups and enterprises alike. Keeping just the right amount of inventory on hand and restocking at the perfect moment is an intricate dance with countless steps and uncontrollable variables. This was true even before the pandemic. 

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Security Risks You Could be Avoiding

What can your organization do to boost security, heighten awareness, and be more selective about who gains access to your premises? Let’s discuss three fundamental ways your organization can mitigate security risks. Before we dive in, we’ll zoom in on the threat at hand – people.

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Global Trade Brief – February 2020

Global Trade: A Seven Step Guide to (Safely) Breaking into Offshore Markets

Ready to expand business beyond borders and break into offshore markets?

It’s a big decision with huge financial repercussions. An offshore endeavor has the potential to bankrupt a company or deliver unprecedented profits. Is it possible to make such a risky move safely?

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Global Trade Management: Making Trade Easier and More Compliant

Getting started in the global trade world requires significant monetary investment and sweat equity. The import and export business is far more complex than domestic ventures and typically comes with a considerable learning curve. Staying in global trade demands keeping up with pages and pages worth of regulations – which inevitably vary from country to country – and complying with these laws.

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Benefits Of Duty Drawbacks

Benefits of Duty Drawbacks

Understanding what duty drawbacks are, their benefits, and how to claim them is key to maximizing your import/export savings.

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4 Ways To Optimize Your Trade Compliance Strategy

4 Ways to Optimize Your Trade Compliance Strategy

While most companies make an effort to adhere to trade law, not all compliance programs are created equal. An average program may be designed to avoid legal penalties, but the best programs proactively work for their companies to save resources, revenue, and time. 

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