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EASE Data & Content Management, Middleware Technology, ERP Integration & Intelligent Applications ensures your IT & Business infrastructure has what it needs to maximize compliance & ROI.

EASE ERP Integration

OCR provides real-time and batch methodologies to integrate with ERP systems like SAP, Oracle E-Business Suite. This helps users streamline their business processes with seamless integration with OCR’s Denied Party Screening and Export License Determination features. This enables customers' master data as well transactional data to be screened. You can also integrate OCR’s classification engine with your ERP systems and update your ERP systems with accurate product classification data. Using these features your Master Data (business partners) and transactional data is fully compliant with the requirements of US and other foreign countries. Your users don’t need to change their business processes. Using OCR’s integration, compliance is embedded in all your business transactions.

OCR uses state of the art technologies to integrate EASE with third party ERP systems.

OCR’s Global Trade Compliance solutions (EASE) with Oracle EBS provides seamless integration plug-in for near to real-time data exchange leveraging the power of OCR EASE directly with Oracle EBS.

Enterprise Options

Salesforce & CRM Integration
The solution integrates EASE and Salesforce in near Real-time with REST Web Services and screens PII information in Salesforce. The integrated Solution enables your business to be fully compliant by screening who you do business with across global denied party and entity lists from government and non-government sources.

Screen data stored in Lead, Opportunity, Contacts, Accounts, Quotes, and Sales Order Objects.

Work on Leads, Accounts, Opportunities, Sales Orders and Quotes that are Approved by Compliance.
EASE with SAP integration
• Enforces export-import compliance seamlessly.
• Offers SAP to EASE Integration for global trade management to streamline compliance, license management.
• Manages business partner screening and licensing requirements of Sales Orders/Deliveries.
• Provides Goods receipts and delivery note management.
• Both real-time and XML integrations are available.

Integration Options








Other ERP

Web Services



Custom Connectors

License Screening / Determination

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