Technical Data Exports

Reduce Your Risks

Every year the U.S Department of State uncovers hundreds of export violations, with unauthorized exports of technical data being the most common.  Even with a manufacturer or technical assistance agreements (MLAs and TAAs), the data shared often exceeds the allowable scope or was exported to unauthorized individuals.

OCR’s TDSM™ (Tech Data & Services Management) can assist you with end-to-end export workflow of technical data/technology (tech data) and defense services. It is a single solution capable of meeting operational, compliance, regulatory and monitoring requirements, with required oversight and recordkeeping to meet USG requirements.


Establish Processes

Establish a standardized process and customized workflow for sharing tech data.


End-to-End Workflow

Increase compliance oversight throughout the TDSM request and export process.


Log Exports Easily

Systematically log exports related to specific government authorizations.


Automatically Screen

Automatically screen recipients against global denied party lists.


Communicate Securely

Securely communicate with Managed File Transfer (MFT).


Automated Capture of Data

Automated capture of critical export compliance data for quick response to audits.


Multi-level reviews providing comprehensive data transfer requests with easy-to-use, standardized yet configurable workflow for submitting tech data and defense service requests for internal review.


Monitor status Tech Data & Service Export Authorization Requests status at enterprise or business unit level.

Managed File Transfer (MFT)

Transfer files to 3rd party Document Management System (DMS) replacing tech data with links to files.

A Scalable Solution for Your Organization

EASE Enterprise Suite provides software solutions to multiple departments in your organization.

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