Export Operations

Manage Your Export Life Cycle

Ever-changing and stringent government requirements call for time consuming documentation and compliance reporting requirements. All over the world, exporters are constantly making sure that they comply with these requirements. OCR’s export documentation software helps to ensure that your company meets the compliance benchmarks and in effect improves operational efficiencies with enhanced status tracking capabilities and management of all export processes.

Export Operations™ is a software suite for export procedure including order creation, shipment consolidation, compliance screening, validation checks, customs filing, document generation and dissemination with the added advantage of real-time status monitoring throughout the export life cycle.


Supplementary Capabilities

Automated alerts to facilitate compliance reviews, increasing responsiveness and reducing delays.


License Management

Manage and track transaction specific export licenses, agreements, exceptions, and exemptions.


Centralize Documentations

Save time by creating and validating custom shipping documents without repetitive manual data entry.


Automate Screening

Automate screening for denied parties and export license requirements.


Manage Orders

Manage orders and shipments through integration with ERP systems.


Utilize Templates & Documents

Improve export efficiencies with templates and standard shipping documents.

Export Operations Fundamentals

Complete Export life cycle functionality including order entry, shipment consolidation and post-export tracking activities with standardized protocol for electronic data exchange in ERP and legacy data systems using XML and EDI processing capabilities.

Electronic U.S. Customs Filing Through ACE

Single transaction filing capability using secure internet communication protocols and automated EDI batch submission process through integrated web services.

Efficient Creation of Export Transactions

Real-time seamless integration of sales and delivery orders with SAP and other ERP systems including Oracle, JD Edwards, QAD, and more.

A Scalable Solution for Your Organization

EASE Enterprise Suite provides software solutions to multiple departments in your organization.

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