Product Classification

Take Control of Classification

Companies that export are at a constant threat of compliance risks. Correct, consistent, legally defensible ECCN number lookup and classifications are the cornerstone of any trade compliance program without which all other corrective actions and control efforts remain at risk. OCR’s Product Classification gives corporations the tools, and a systemic auditable process, to determine global product classifications or ECCN number. Mistakes in jurisdiction, export control classification, or import tariff classification of goods or technology, can result in fines, debarment of trade privileges, even imprisonment.


Dashboard and Metrics

Monitor status and set alerts for key metrics such as cycle time, accuracy and volume of pending reviews.


Powerful Information Resource

Site relevant Harmonized System (HS Codes) and General Rules of Interpretation (GRIs).


Automated Classification

Save time with user configured automated classification.


Manage Requests

Submit, review, and manage requests for jurisdiction and classification for customs and export controls.


Facilitate Audits

Facilitate audit requests with detailed records of review.


Notify Users of Changes

Notify users to regulatory changes that may affect product classification.

Efficient Tracking

Requests for export & custom classification for single or a group of similar products, multiple countries and hold request to classify a product until receipt of government ruling on the submission.

Organization and Process Controls

Multi-level reviews that give a holistic approach to product classification requests with easy organization-wide access for internal review.

Global Classification Database

  • Global Classification Database for Export Control
    Classifications (ECCN Numbers) unique to each country.
  • Record for all Export Control Regimes – Wassenaar,
    MTCR, Australia Group, Nuclear Supplier Group.
  • Store Global Customs HTS Classifications (HS Codes) used for both Exports and Imports including binding rulings.
  • Store relevant Import Controls, e.g. Additional Govt
    Regulatory data, such as US-PGA (FDA, etc.).
  • Single or multi-Manufacturer/Soure Information,
    including classification, country of origin, Affidavits,
    cert. of origin.

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