Import Operations

Streamline Your Imports Process

When importing goods, customs agencies around the globe hold the importer responsible for filing accurate data. The ability to validate data against the final shipment received is the basis of global trade compliance. Customs agencies require that customs declarations, tariff and other government agency data be submitted within a strict timeline, depending on the legislative requirements of the receiving country. Our Import Operations is a comprehensive solution that streamlines the process of customs clearance, allowing businesses to focus on profit and growth—not process. Whether self-filing or trusting a third party (i.e. a customs broker and/or freight forwarder) to submit the customs declaration data with Customs, OCR provides the necessary tools.

Import Operations


Create, record, maintain, retain all data and documentation necessary for customs filings globally.

Import Operations

Capture and Track

Capture, transmit and track PGA details including ITAR, ATF, FDA, DOT, FCC, TSCA, ODC, and EPA etc.

Import Operations

Eliminate Paper-Based Filing

Move to complete paperless processing through the Document Imaging System (DIS) in ACE.


Electronic Filing

File Customs Entries electronically with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) through the
Automated Commercial Environment (ACE).


Manage Tariff Requirements

Identify import controls, duties, taxes, fees, applicable trade program privileges, and documentation requirements associated with the requisite tariffs and country of import requirements.


Stay Connected

Connect with broker and supplier ERP systems to record and retain all data at a central location.

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Pre-Entry Processes

  • Automate import order maintenance, balance tracking of orders and any relevant licenses.
  • Create Advance Shipment Notice (ASN), Commercial/Import Invoice, and ISF-10+2 from POs.
  • Track shipping document instructions and requirements from suppliers.
  • Create a pre-entry statement clearance package, with all documentation, customs valuation, tariff classification, PGA Details, duties, tax and fee details, shipping details, invoice and broker instructions.
  • ERP Systems integration with broker and supplier systems.
Import Operations
Import Operations

Entry Processes

  • Facilitate cargo release filing.
  • Entry Summary filing directly with ACE or by transmitting data to broker ERP.
  • Capture customs valuation methods.
  • Monitor use of assists in valuation throughout the product lifecycle.
  • Capture bond details.
  • Capture PGA relevant data.
  • Customs duties, taxes, fees calculations.
  • Substantiate all entry declarations with requisite documents.

Post-Entry Processes

  • Configurable checklists to help clients comply with their internal processes.
  • Automate discrepancy analysis of pre-entry authorizations against brokers filing data.
  • Discrepancy report allows for Post Summary Corrections (PSC) and Post Entry Amendments.
  • (PEA) to resolve filing discrepancies with Customs.
  • Filling reconciliations (value, chapter 98, FTA).
  • Automatically calculate the net impact on duty based on discrepancy reports.
  • Automate license and purchase order balance tracking capabilities.
Import Operations

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