Latin America

Latin American countries such as Mexico, Brasil, Argentina, Columbia, Peru, and Chile are global exporters of agricultural products such as coffee, soybeans, and chocolate, as well as natural resources such as petroleum products and precious metals. On the other hand, these countries are also heavy importers of machinery, vehicles, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Unfortunately, many countries are riddled with unclear regulations, corruption, and lack of communication between regulatory bodies. With this in mind, importers and exporters to and from Latin America must be especially attentive to their trade compliance.

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Popular Solutions in the Region

Watch List Screening

Acquire seamless real-time integration with Oracle, SAP, and other ERP, CRM, Supply Chain Management, or other enterprise systems.

Export Operations

Manage customs filing requirements based on value thresholds, end use checks, destination countries for shipments subject to Export Authorizations for Dual Use and Military Goods.

Import Operations

Automate import order management from ERPs to perform initial compliance checks and balance tracking of order quantity & valuation and Assist declarations.

License Management

Effectively monitor activity related to any authorization type, as well as other documents relevant to international trade.

Visitor Management

Combines VM features with Watch List screening including GSA SAM federal exclusions list and automated compliance documentation.

Technical Data Exports

Assist with end-to-end export workflow of technical data/technology (tech data) and defense services.

Global Trade Controls

Automate screening for denied parties and export license requirements.

Product Classification

Analyze and validate customs tariffs and export control classifications according to specific customs tariffs and export control commodity lists.


Real-time and batch methodologies to integrate with ERP systems like SAP, Oracle E-Business Suite. This helps users streamline their business processes with seamless integration with OCR’s Denied Party Screening and Export License Determination features.


Aerospace & Defense

Banking & Finance

Chemical & Petroleum

Education & Research

Federal & State Governments


Electronics & IT

Freight Forwarding

Heavy Engineering




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