Blog: 5 Point Plan for Import Compliance

Blog: 5 Point Plan For Import Compliance

Table of Contents

  1. Analyze your compliance processes. Many companies do not have enough transparency in their compliance processes. But how can you make a solid business decision about what approach is best for you without knowing the status quo?!
  2. Discuss if self-filing is right for you. Some of the advantages of self-filing are: you can manage the risk directly, you can get better insights and you can track a broader range of metrics.
  3. Walk the talk. Compliance is an important and serious topic. Mistakes can be very costly and not only should the upper management be aware of it.
  4. At the same time be aware that the main driver for any compliance performance function is to reduce risk. Even when the benefits of reduced risk are not immediately tangible, it will put you as an Importer in a better position and will help you to be successful in the long term.
  5. In case you do not have automation already, get in touch with an experienced provider for Global Trade Management solutions. Automation will simplify the process, reduce your risk and enable you to be compliant.
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