Blog: Are you Ready to be Audited?

Imagine you are getting audited and tasked to recall every decision you have made in the past 5 years. Happens every day to Exporters in the USA. Would you be able to do it? You better!
Blog: Are You Ready To Be Audited?

According to the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) you have to keep all records required by the Export Administration (EAR) for five years.
Let’s be realistic, without an electronic system which keeps your audit trails this requirement is very hard to fulfill. But the ability to prove due diligence is essential for every Exporter. License and permit acquisitions, product classifications or approvals for technical data export … without an audit trail you will be in big trouble.
Luckily OCR offers a solution for this. Contact us today and get information about our industry leading Export compliance software.

Act now, don’t wait to be tasked with painful and expensive damage control.

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