Blog: Compliance in Times of TPP Discussions

Blog: Compliance In Times Of Tpp Discussions

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Not surprising that many exporters are uncertain what impact TPP ratification would have on them. They simply didn’t see the need to get informed before knowing what will happen to it.

Media coverage has focused on the fact that only one fifth of the TPP’s 30 chapters, deal with traditional trade issues. Some sources indicate that most of the TPP instead regulates non-trade matters that affect food safety, internet freedom, medicine costs, job off-shoring, financial regulations, and more. It is possible that between media news and the lack of time to actually study the TPP, exporters believe there will be no impact to them, or at the very least are uncertain about what that impact will be.

With the TPP getting pushed through or rejected either way export and import compliance needs a professional approach with a proven software solution.

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