Blog: Internet Filtering Equipment sent to Syria

Blog: Internet Filtering Equipment Sent To Syria

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According to evidence, Waseem Jawad ordered a number of internet filtering, proxy devices from an authorized distributer in the United Arab Emirates. Using his company, Infotec (Info Tech) in the U.A.E., he ordered the devices from the United States. Upon arrival, the proxy devices were transferred to the possession of Infotec. Approximately 3 days later, the filtering equipment was transported from the U.A.E. directly to Syria.


Due to the nature of internet filtering proxy servers being used as a tool to block the actions of pro-democracy activists by the Syrian Government, the Department of Commerce restricts and monitors exporting of these and related devices. They are classified as dual-use items by the BIS. Fines, sanctions, and criminal penalties can be forced on any entity found in violation.


Due to the evidence, both parties (Waseem Jawad and Infotec) are being added to the DOC, BIS Entity list (debarred party list). As new restricted trade parties, both are restricted from receiving any goods that are under U.S. sanction.

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