Blog: Trends in Export Compliance in 2016

Blog: Trends In Export Compliance In 2016

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Though only 2 out of 10 export shippers are using one single platform for their Global Trade Management (GTM) efforts and 1 out of 10 has built a proprietary platform. The rest, of those who are using automation for export compliance in their GTM efforts, work with multiple different systems at the same time.


Even when this construction of multiple systems might does more or less get the job done, it is certainly not ideal. Most of the exporters are well aware about this but feel they don’t have the budget for an investment into a one stop solution.


This is a big misconception. A solid one stop solution such as OCR’s Global Trade Management Solution is not only helping to operate more efficiently and provide a competitive advantage but it will reduce the overall cost of compliance. A good Global Trade Management solution comes with a good ROI (Return on Investment). Download our brochures and contact us today to get to know more about our market leading solutions.

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