Blog: The Importance of Visitor Management: Protecting Your Business and Improving Customer Experience

Blog: The Importance Of Visitor Management: Protecting Your Business And Improving Customer Experience

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Visitor management is a complicated process, especially if the organisation has large offices and manufacturing plants. This blog focuses on nuances of visitor management in the UK and how having the right tools for visitor management can simplify the entire process.

Compliance Requirements


A comprehensive visitor management solution is extremely important for any business and more so for companies engaged in manufacturing aerospace, military and defence products. These companies are obligated to adhere to guidelines/regulations from the government for managing their visitors. There are also extensive compliance requirements, which have been developed to maintain the confidentiality of critical information sets. There are three major types of compliance requirements for UK businesses that operate in industries dealing with sensitive goods:

  • There are reporting requirements mandated by the government to report every visitor entering their premises. This helps the authorities to track information flows and movement.
  • Foreign visitors need to be screened in order to protect sensitive data.
  • Finally, the visitors need to have right kind badges to identify them and a photograph of all visitors need to be captured.


Importance of Visitor Management


Further, visitor management is an important aspect of a business because of two major reasons:

  • The primary reason is that by managing its visitors, a company is able to protect itself and minimise the risks of information leakage. Companies that are able to track their visitors effectively and systematically are able to protect their interests.
  • Additionally, robust visitor management software could help a business to track any on-site incidents and notify the management instantly.

Another reason why visitor management is extremely important is that it allows an organisation to improve its customer experience. Once a visitor arrives at your premises, a well-designed visitor management software could make their life much easier. It could have a self check-in kiosk to help them self-register, access and accept policies such as health and safety requirements of the site, and also inform them regarding movement protocols. Such a system is also critical to comply with data protection guidelines such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

It is clear that visitor management is extremely important to ensure safety of your business. In order to make sure that their visitor management process is streamlined, a business can avail the services of trade management solution providers such as OCR.



OCR provides a customisable Visitor Management solution which can fulfil every regulatory/compliance requirement. OCR’s visitor management software helps you to create configurable entry forms, generate extensive screening reports for locals and foreigners, and also helps you capture key biometric information. It also facilitates single or multiple review workflows based on chosen field values on the forms. It can also be setup as a tablet based kiosk for your receptions for self-register/check-ins. In addition to this, our software provides custom badging to your visitors and reports any incidents immediately. Please contact us to find out more about how we can help you with our visitor management offerings.

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