Duty Drawback

Maximize Your Returns – Minus the Hassles

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) provides an opportunity for importers to claim a refund for 99% of all duties, taxes and certain fees paid on imported merchandise subsequently exported or destroyed. Drawbacks, as these refunds are commonly referred to, are not a right but a privilege. In order to claim a drawback, the exporter must furnish the CBP with information identifying the import entries, including the manufacturing and distribution data detailing any manufacturing conducted in the United States, as well as documentation of any subsequent exportation or destruction.

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Increase Profits

Increase in profit & competitive advantage due to lower cost of goods.


Analyze Transactions

Analyze import transactions and duty payments to find opportunities for recovery.


Produce Reports

Management reports outlining results of duty recovery efforts.


Reporting and Dashboards

Full searching and sorting features to retrieve information with configurable dashboard with alerts and notifications provides executive overview.


Secure Communications

Secure access protocols and user authentication to Active Directory using LDAP, SAML 2.0 and Single Sign-On (SSO) tools.


Integration with 3rd Party Systems

Open standards, Java-based application with seamless real-time integration.

Prepare Refund Claims

Never leave overpaid duties unclaimed because of the tedious process of manually gathering all the data. This fully automated web-based solution allows for easy access to the data needed in order to recover duty overpayments and for customs compliance.

Calculate Accurate Duty

Boost your company’s competitive edge and lower market costs of your products as you end up paying less overall duty. Streamlines the import clearance process to recover duties paid for temporary imports and items destroyed.

Third Party Integration

Seamless real-time integration with Oracle, SAP, and other ERP, CRM, Supply Chain Management or other enterprise systems.

A Scalable Solution for Your Organization

EASE Enterprise Suite provides software solutions to multiple departments in your organization.