EASE SAP Integration

Seamless Integration

Customers are overwhelmed by the costs, complexity and resources needed to manage their global trade compliance while using their SAP ERP system. OCR provides seamless integration between SAP and EASE for real-time data exchange leveraging the power of EASE directly with SAP. With this tight integration, you can reduce the cost of Global Trade Compliance, automate time-consuming tasks, leverage Master and Transactional data from.

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Reduce Costs

Compared to other Global Trade Solutions using SAP.


Be Flexible

Switch back and forth between SAP and EASE seamlessly.


Leverage EASE

for complex business rules which are difficult to create in SAP.


Global Trade Controls

Determine jurisdiction and product classification and screen license requirements. Determine license restrictions, exceptions and reporting requirements and manage exports from a variety of global trade controls from multiple agencies and countries from one global access point.


Export Management

Integration with sales and distribution processes. Export license management and Embargo screening with export customs management. Determination of licensing requirements.


Import Management

Goods receipts and delivery note management. Create a Customs Declaration from the purchase order and check if all imported goods are properly classified. Also capable of generating forms and file custom entries.

SAP with Various EASE Modules

Enforces export import compliance seamlessly. Offers SAP to EASE Integration for global trade management to streamline compliance, license management. Manages business partner screening and licensing requirements of Sales Orders/Deliveries. Provides Goods receipts and delivery note management Both real-time and XML integrations are available.

Watch List Screening & Customer and Vendor Case Management

Hundreds of Denied Party Lists with real-time transaction screening of multiple names and aliases, address and/or country in order to cover all possible permutations. Synchronize customer and vendor updates between SAP and EASE for down-stream processes in EASE. Screen and block customers and vendors in real-time with nightly WLS results from EASE processed in SAP.

Sales Order Management

Enforces export compliance seamlessly for exports from anywhere in the world. Manages business partner screening and licensing requirements of Sales Orders/Deliveries. Compliance is enforced at each stage of sales order cycle till PGI.

A Scalable Solution for Your Organization

EASE Enterprise Suite provides software solutions to multiple departments in your organization.