Foreign Trade Zone

Reduce Duty and Overhead Costs

U.S. Foreign-Trade Zones (FTZ) help a company considerably increase its competitiveness through proper management, elimination, or reduction of customs duties, taxes, and tariffs. The process can be very onerous to manage manually, especially in high-volume operations. Our FTZ module eases this burden by integrating with the OCR EASE™ import and export modules to efficiently bring finished products into the U.S. or for foreign commerce. FTZ also integrates with third party inventory management software so that companies can file the necessary forms with U.S. Customs.

Foreign Trade Zone

Calculate Duty Deferrals

Calculate the duty deferral available from a particular customs program.

Foreign Trade Zone

Document Qualification

Properly document qualification for admitting products into a foreign- trade zone without paying duties or fees.

Foreign Trade Zone

Determine Tariffs

Determine applicable tariffs on U.S. component items or raw materials.


Entry Filing

Automated weekly U.S. Customs entry filing.


Manage Operations

Manage trans-shipping operations and determine reductions in manufacturing processing fees.


Identify Capabilities

Identify capabilities of cross-docking and transferring goods without paying customs duties.

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License Management

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Secure Communications

Support secure access protocols and user authentication to Active Directory using LDAP, SAML 2.0 and Single Sign-On (SSO) tools and secure web forms support any secure transmission with 256 bit encryption and storage.

Foreign Trade Zone
Foreign Trade Zone

Enhanced Capabilities with OCR

Integrates seamlessly with OCR’s Export Operations™, Import Operations™ and Product Classification™ modules with automatic Data Sharing among modules.

Integrate with OCR EASE

Integrate with the OCR EASE™ import and export modules to efficiently bring finished products into the U.S. or for foreign commerce.

Foreign Trade Zone

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