Blog: Challenges on the Measures to Control Software & Technology Transfers

Blog: Challenges On The Measures To Control Software & Technology Transfers

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Technology Exports


The most important point to keep in mind is that not all technology exports are controlled. For instance, public domain information, basic research, and the minimum information needed for patents are a few items that are exempt from technology control. Similarly, technology export for the purpose of use in installation, operation, and repair of goods that are not listed in controls are exempt from the list. Nevertheless, various other technologies are part of the control list. These include software and technical data transfers that are not under the above categories. In such cases, regulators and exporters need to implement a range of control measures. These measures include strict compliance regulations, fines in case of non-adherence, and tracking international transfers.

Modern Challenges

However, such control measures face multiple modern challenges. These challenges include the increased use of cloud services, which can be hard to track. Another challenge is the new developments in terms of production lines. Techniques such as 3D printing mean that individuals and companies can produce goods using code sharing. In addition to this, there are various proliferation challenges that can have a negative impact on these control measures. These challenges include the control of biological weapons, conventional weapons, and other illegal activities.


Visitor Management


A comprehensive visitor management solution is extremely important for any business and more so for companies engaged in manufacturing aerospace, military and defence products. These companies are obligated to adhere to guidelines/regulations from the government for managing their visitors. There are also extensive compliance requirements, which have been developed to maintain the confidentiality of critical information sets. There are three major types of compliance requirements for UK businesses that operate in industries dealing with sensitive goods:

  • There are reporting requirements mandated by the government to report every visitor entering their premises. This helps the authorities to track information flows and movement.
  • Foreign visitors need to be screened in order to protect sensitive data.
  • Finally, the visitors need to have right kind badges to identify them and a photograph of all visitors need to be captured.


Guidelines by EU


In order to deal with these nuances, organisations such as the EU have issued guidelines. These guidelines pertain to database encryption and document management systems. Organisations such as the EU also recommend the use of record-keeping and compliance mechanisms. Furthermore, traders need to have clear policies in terms of access control. Companies also need to implement Technology Control Plans (TCPs). These plans are aimed at educating company personnel about export control classification. Similarly, individuals who are travelling internationally need to be aware of their responsibilities in terms of carrying technical data overseas. In case individuals are unaware of the requirements, they need to seek assistance from overseas companies.




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