ICPA 2022 Canada Conference

Topics: Importing as an NRI, CARM Implementation Update, Surviving CBSA Audits, Duties and Taxes at the Border.
Live Export Compliance Seminar: Singapore

The ICPA Canada Conference is in Toronto this year. ICPA is a non-profit, global trade compliance community whose mission is to provide networking opportunities and resources to individuals involved in international trade compliance.

Meet the Team

Icpa 2022 Annual Conference

Omair Adrees

Business Development Manager

Omair Adrees is a Business Development Manager with a proven track record of identifying and creating new opportunities in emerging markets with businesses. He has worked closely with several investment management and technology companies driving growth. Omair has strong business knowledge in marketing development, SEO, project reconciliation, and various stage exit scenarios. He has also managed international teams with a focus on B2B sales. He looks forward to seeing you at this year’s conference!


Rajeev Malhotra

Business Development Director

Rajeev Malhotra is a Business Development Director with hands-on experience selling software solutions to businesses of all sizes, government agencies, non-profit organizations, law firms, educational institutions & others requiring automated compliance solutions.

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