Introducing Ease Visitor

OCR Service inc give Small, Medium, Enterprise companies, and Educational Institutions what they’ve been asking for as they launch their new visitor management software EASE Visitor.

WASHINGTON DC, April 27, 2021: OCR Services Inc., leaders in security and ID software, today announced the expansion of their EASE Visitor Management solution. EASE Visitor has been used by large corporate organizations for a number of years as their preferred cloud-based application, offering a modern, trusted approach to visitor management and security.

However, this recent expansion now offers EASE Visitor on a SaaS model, enabling small and medium sized companies the same functionality as enterprises but for a simple price of just $99 a month per location. As an introductory offer, all customers who sign up for EASE Visitor trial offer will receive full no obligation access to all the features for 30 days.

OCR Services Inc. has over 35 years of experience in providing security solutions for large enterprises and Fortune 500 companies, and have now teamed up with Global Vox Solutions to create a “one-stop-shop’ ‘compliance focused solution that helps businesses plan their return to their premises while mitigating the risks associated with COVID-19.


Helping Companies get back to normal


The strategy to move over to a pay as you go SaaS model was chosen to reduce the financial barriers that many small and medium sized businesses face when investing in technology, particularly in the current economic climate. Thanks to EASE Visitor, organizations, no matter their size or type, can save substantially on infrastructure costs, eliminate dedicated servers and system-specific hardware, and reduce their capital expenditures.

Speaking about the scalability of EASE Visitor Mr. Raj Boveja, CEO of OCR Services Inc. said:

“We have created a robust and scalable cloud-based visitor management system. From small business to large enterprise, EASE Visitor can securely manage visitor identities, is easy to install, has no maintenance cost attached, and is cloud-based. Offering centralized reporting for your organization to learn about historical and upcoming visitor schedules.”

How EASE Visitor Works

EASE Visitor offers a quick and easy-to-use lobby management system, with options for integrated watchlist and sex offender list screening, that fits your organization or educational facility needs. EASE Visitor can work seamlessly over one or more locations and offers a customizable and scalable solution to manage your visitors. With EASE Visitor you can:

    • Go Paperless – Replace your existing visitor logbook and digitize the visitor experience
    • Value your front desk and visitors’ time – quick check-in / check out
    • Mitigate any potential threats through automated security features and watchlist screening
    • ROI – Reduce front desk expenses by 90%
    • Seamlessly integrate EASE Visitor with your existing enterprise applications
    • Adhere to compliance requirements – Health, Safety, Legal and GDPR

EASE Visitor Key Features

    • A cloud-based lobby management solution / on premise hosted solution
    • Pre-register Visitors with Email Notifications
    • Print Badge with QR Code
    • Multi-site Location Capability
    • Kiosk Application Android and iOS for onsite walk-ins
    • Dashboard With Live Reporting Updates
    • Predefined Management Reporting and custom Reports
    • Maintain your own blacklist

EASE Visitor is a SASS app hosted on second generation cloud technology of Oracle Cloud infrastructure. This infrastructure offers machine learning, higher performance, better security, and improved operational efficiency. This enables more time for businesses to focus on other priorities.

Speaking about the advantages of this model and the benefits that EASE Visitor can offer Mr. Nate Holley (Head of Security & Identity Management Practice, GlobalVox LLC) said:

“In today’s world with the challenges that Covid-19 and remote working bring, businesses want a fully integrated security system that enhances the visitor experience, provides an additional layer of security, but at the same time is cost effective. The costs of setting up EASE Visitor is substantially lower than that of an in-house or competitor solution which means organizations can avoid high acquisition costs”

Claim your free 30 day, no obligation trial at https://www.easevisitor.com/


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About OCR

For over 35 years, OCR has anticipated the rapid expansion and changes in global trade compliance regulation and process. Today, we continue to innovate and streamline the export and import process, so that our clients can focus on what’s really important – the growth of their core business and their bottom-lines.

We are a trusted partner to a roster of Fortune 500 companies in industries ranging from aerospace to finance. That’s just one reason why OCR is adept, experienced and possesses timely and in-depth knowledge of Global Trade Management and insight into compliance needs that are critical for a successful business.

About Global Vox

Global Vox is a value-added reseller of OCR Services Inc. for its Security & Identity Management Practice. At Global Vox, we bring best of class solutions and technologies for our customers to achieve their business goals in the domain of Security & ID management. We sell and provide implementation, installation, and after-sales support services for OCR’s Security & ID solutions.

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