Month: July 2020

Blog: Export Compliance And New Business Development

Blog: Export Compliance and New Business Development

American Shipper discussed in its latest Export Benchmark Report the main concerns of Exporters. Not very surprising small & medium sized as well as large shippers have in common that the increase of costs of compliance are one of their main concerns. For large shippers this is equally concerning as the increased import enforcement at destinations and the delays at customs.

Blog: Brexit And Its Implications On Global Trade Management

Blog: Brexit and its Implications on Global Trade Management

Earlier this year the public of the British empire had the chance to vote if they want to stay a part of the European Union or if they are in favor of the Brexit (British Exit from the EU).

The vote was close. About 52% of the public voted in favor of the Brexit. Great Britain will leave the European Union but the entire process of exiting the EU will take about 2 years. That means not Great Britain and the EU got 2 years to set up processes and rules to prepare for that day. It also means companies involved in Global Trade to and from Great Britain do have 2 years to prepare for the new scenario.

Blog: E-commerce And Global Trade Management Solutions

Blog: E-Commerce and Global Trade Management Solutions

In the past 10 years E-Commence was booming and the global E-Commerce market was growing rapidly. In 2015 the global E-Commerce market had an estimated size of $1.6 trillion. In 2014 in the US more than 520 million E-Commerce based packages were sent and the growth of the market does not slow down. The global E-Commerce market is projected to triple in size in the next five years. Big drivers of this development are countries like China, Brazil and India with its growing middle class.