EASE Governance

About EASE Governance

When exporting goods around the world, companies must comply with the constantly evolving regulations and strict requirements. This often translates to hours of paperwork and complicated compliance reporting requirements.

OCR’s EASE Governance Solution manages every step of the export life cycle, such as order creation, shipment consolidation and compliance screening, among others.

Reduce your compliance risk automatically.

Check all individuals, businesses and countries against government.

View customized reports and audit trails.

Create comprehensive audit trails to demonstrate due diligence.

Reduce your manual workload.

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Built to work together (and save you time).

EASE Governance is made up of:

Land Registration:

Global companies engaged in trade, manufacturing, finance, banking, as well as government. If found on any restricted party lists, your company may be restricted from doing business with:

          • Customers
          • Suppliers
          • Freight forwarders
          • Banks, and
          • Other third parties involved

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