The path to full Trade Compliance Automation starts here.

Elevate each aspect of your existing trade compliance program to the next level using Global EASE.

What is EASE?

Our global trade management solution, EASE, is a centralized platform that effectively manages end-to-end trade compliance while providing the necessary visibility and governance to propel your program forward.

This robust solution provides the strength of trade compliance automation within your global enterprise through a variety of modules to address your organization’s needs.
Designed around the needs of our customers:
OCR's EASE products are based on 40 years of experience, including in-depth industry research and ongoing customer engagement. We view each customer relationship as a partnership driving our knowledge and innovation. Every new product release and update is based on feedback and user analysis, making EASE flexible, efficient, and adaptable as the perfect tool to fit within any organization.
How EASE can work for you:
Through centralizing and automating compliance processes, we have helped some of the world's leading multinational companies keep up with the changing regulatory environment. We, therefore, understand the challenges our customers face when trying to perform tens of thousands of transactions. From complex licensing and documentation requirements to OFAC and EAR regulations, our software not only helps mitigate risk and avoid penalties, but powers business decisions with real-time information. This is why our customers trust EASE to manage their cross-border transactions.

EASE Sectors


Export Management

  • Check for compliance with country-specific regulations
  • Manage and track transaction-specific export licenses, agreements, exceptions, and exemptions
  • Real-time status monitoring throughout the export life cycle
  • Improve export efficiencies with templates and standard shipping documents
  • Manage order creation, shipment consolidation, compliance screening, customs filing, and document generation and dissemination
  • Screen potential customers against our comprehensive denied parties list


Licenses & Permits

  • Streamline license acquisition and electronic submissions
  • Determine the jurisdiction and classification of products
  • Apply for an export authorization from the US Department of State (DoS) and Department of Commerce (DoC)
  • Standardized workflow for application preparation and internal review
  • Track the progress until authorization is received
  • E-sign License application; support for end-to-end License applications
  • Integration with third-party systems; Oracle, SAP, etc.


Security & ID

  • Manage foreign nationals and global locations
  • Customizable, contactless, non-intrusive, and tamper-proof techniques for authentication
  • Real-time screening of multiple names and aliases, address and/or country, to cover all possible combinations
  • Fuzzy logic support with customizable parameters for different attributes
  • Notify users of screening status with detailed results and automated workflows
  • Most comprehensive global denied party and entity list from government and non-government sources
  • Defensible audit trails for compliance management


Resource Center

  • Center of excellence (CoE) that focuses on both inward and outward knowledge dissemination
  • Technical and Denied Party data management
  • Technical and Trade publications
  • eLearning and certifications
  • Research and development for advancements in trade management technologies
  • Tools for sales lifecycle management (internal projects)

A Scalable Solution for Your Organization

EASE Enterprise Suite provides software solutions to multiple departments in your organization.